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Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk is developed to Bypass Factory Reset Protection it quickly get rid away from the lock screen with the help of this Pangu Bypass Apk. Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk is the best when it comes to removing the lock screen from any device. 

Additionally google presents Android lollipop version 5 using a brand new security standard that’s Factory Reset Protection i.e FRP to safeguard Android phones using their personal data in the event the information is missing.

Whenever you get locked from your phone with the lock screen, many people consider resetting the device, Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk worked efficiently to get rid of the lock screen, apart from the information and loss of data. So in my this post, I am talking about the Samsung Phone’s, so I will tell you about the Bypass FRP from Your Samsung Devices by which you can bypass any Samsung Device. 


How FRP Bypass APK works?

Whenever there’s a FRP lock that’s enabled on a device, you need to give account user ID and password to the past Google account which you used to login the android Device. There are lots of FRP bypass methods that’s established for Android device to Bypass FRP in the smartphone and tablet.

Bypass Google Verify Apk Requirement : –

All you need to have is Samsung Android USB Driver, Micro USB Cable with higher quality, and Laptop or Computer, by this equipment you can easily start your download and installation process of Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk and can easily bypass your account. 


You can follow the above Installation Process that is tested by me, in the below section, I have also mentioned another process by which you can easily bypass any Samsung device. Bypass Samsung Account Apk gives you to remove the lock screen efficiently, and check out the Samsung Device List that, I have listed below the phones on which Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk can be used.

  • Note 8
  • Note7
  • S8
  • S7 Edge
  • Note 5
  • Note 5 Dual SIM
  • S6 Edge
  • S5 Active
  • C9 Pro
  • C5
  • Note Edge
  • C7
  • S6
  • S5 small
  • S Advance
  • Mega 6.3
  • C7 Pro
  • Alpha
  • A7
  • J7 Pro
  • Note 4
  • A8
  • Note 3
  • A9 Pro
  • A5
  • J7 Max
  • S4 Zoom
  • A7
  • Mega Plus
  • Note 3 Neo
  • On Max
  • Mega 2


Installation Process of Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk

This entire process is used to bypass any Samsung Account Lock by the help of its SAMSUNG FRP LOCK REMOVAL; this is also used to bypass any Samsung Google Account: –

  1. Download and Install the Samsung SideSync on your PC and then began the installation process.
  2. Start the device before you begin to see the GOOGLE ACCOUNT PROTECTION.
  3. In this step, you have to connect your phone via USB to PC which will show a popup menu on the phone which you connect to your PC.
  4. After the appearance of that pop-up box open your chrome browser.
  5. In your chrome browser search Rootjunky and click on that link.
  6. After that download Android Quick Short Apk.
  7. It is a Quick Shortcut Maker.
  8. Hit the rear button before you see the page in the Chrome striking to start the Samsung Apps.
  9. Now just unplug the USB cable.
  10. In Samsung Apps look for ES File Explorer and do the installation of Samsung Bypass Google Verify APK.
  11. Then log in with your Samsung Account so that you can install the application.
  12. Just do this and open ES File Explorer and install the APK that you have downloaded before, it will be in your downloaded folder.
  13. Open Quick Shortcut Maker and watch for the app.
  14. Scroll down and tap into “Google Account Manager.”
  15. Scroll down to see the login form then “Type Email and Password.”
  16. Go to the menu that is on the right top corner and choose “Browser sign-in.”
  17. Log in to your personal Google Account.
  18. Hit the “Back” button, and your process is complete.



  1. Insert Sim which is active.
  2. Insert USB Cable
  3. Open Realterm Software
  4. Now check Half Duplex and visit Port.
  5. Enter Port Number in the Device Manager and select Modems.
  6. Right-click Samsung Mobile USB Modem.
  7. Visit the Modem Tab such as this “Port: COM10” this is for example.
  8. Write Port Number in Port and then click the Change button.
  9. Now press sends tab and copies the First Command “at creg?rn” and paste it in the box.
  10. Again Copy second command “atd123456rn” and paste it in the box and then click ASCII.
  11. After doing all these, a call will be coming to your phone, and mind it; you have to receive that call.
  12. Then swipe the screen and then click to the Internet and select the “Chrome.”
  13. Choose to Accept and Continue.
  14. Then download the “Google Account Manager 6.1” if it is not working then go for some another version.
  15. Now scroll down and then click “Download APK” and wait for a couple of seconds.
  16. You have to download QuickShortcutMaker.Apk.
  17. After downloading click on the OPEN button.
  18. Install this APK as Google Account Manager APK.
  19. If the installation of APK is finished, then click on the OPEN Button.
  20. Now you have to search for “Google Account Manager.”
  21. Select “Google Account Manager” that is Type Email and Password’s hit onto it
  22. Go to your personal Gmail Account.
  23. Restart your phone and hold back until the phone starts usually.
  24. Click Menu visit “Settings” choose “Backup and reset” again choose “Factory data reset” again choose “DELETE ALL.”
  25. Now your phone instantly reboots, now continue the processing factory reset all data and hold back until the process is finished.
  26. After doing this installation process, you can easily bypass any Samsung Google Account.

Hard Reset Method Through OTG Cable

  1. Primarily, you’ll need to download the FRP Bypass Apk onto a USB drive.
  2. You want to set up wizard and follow the actions required in the start.
  3. Then if the Bypass Factory Reset Protection display appears, you want to join your Pen Drive through the OTG cable for your Android Phone.
  4. Document explorer will then open in your own Android phone where you have to find the folder in which you have stored FRP Bypass Apk file.
  5. It will ask you to allow the Unknown origin. You Have to click on Preferences and enable the Unknown Sources.
  6. Atlast you have to tap Install and await the installation to finish. After it’s completed, you have to tap Open.
  7. Go to settings then tap Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset and tap Erase everything.
  8. So Ultimately it’s completed. This will safely skip the Google Factory Reset Protection out of your Android Device.


This article contains the whole information based on the Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk, I have given two installation process to bypass any Samsung google account lock quickly. In the first Installation Process, I have told you about the Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk that is used to bypass any Samsung device. I don’t think that the process is so hard because in the post it was mentioned about various Samsung FRP Reset Tool, and Samsung FRP Tool Download Methods. You can also search in the net about SAMSUNG 2016 FRP TOOL or SAMSUNG FRP TOOL 2017. Because from their you can gather various information about Bypass Samsung Pangu. If you don’t understand anything about the Samsung FRP Lock Remove, then you can ask your question by contacting me. Hope you like this article and stay updated to know more about Samsung Bypass Google Verify Apk.

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