All you need to know about Quick Shortcut Maker apk

Log in your phone with the quick shortcut maker app. Forgot the Google Account password with which you logged in your phone the first time?

Well, no worries.

Finally, we have a tool, which is the QuickShortcutMaker app that will help you bypass the FRP security layer in your android phones. This will also help you to reset your phone to the factory defaults. This tool will help you in case of thefts or when your phone will be stolen. Didn’t get it? We’ll explain how.

When your phone will be stolen, the thief will try to reset your phone, which will, therefore, enable him access to the phone. This could be harmful to you as he/she could misuse the sensitive information that your phone contains.

Here, the FRP bypass will come in play. To reset the phone, the thief will have to enter the Google account and the password that you had entered at the time of syncing your account in the phone. Even if the thief goes for hard reset, he/she will have to do so. Hence, because he or she will be unable to do so, your information will be protected. In this way, the FRP bypass helps in protecting the sensitive information present in your phone.

What does FRP mean?

Basically, FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection. It is a security feature available on Android devices with Lollipop 5.1 or above. It activates automatically when you set up a google account on your device.

FRP helps your device from being used when it is stolen or it gets lost. Once your device gets synced with the google account, it gets activated and protects your device.

FRP also helps in restricting the formatting of your device to factory defaults by asking for the google account password which was used to set up the device. This added feature in your smartphone devices is helpful if and when your smartphone is stolen by someone or gets lost. But it means trouble for you if you forget the Google account password and want to reset your android. The quick shortcut maker apk will hence help you to log in your phone.

Working of FRPhow FRB bypass APK works

FRP adds an extra layer of security on your phone by disabling the option to reset the device to default without entering the password.

FRP prevents access by any user by disabling the settings that are internal. Though you can see this only after entering the email and password.

Hence any unknown person is prevented from entering your android. The best thing is that hard reset, which was easy to do as it was without the password, is now also prevented as FRP asks for the password and email before that.

There are many methods to bypass the FRP. Doing it through the QuickShortcutMaker App is one of them:

How To Bypass FRP Using Quick Shortcut Maker APK

  1. QuickShortcutMaker APKInstall the quick short maker app on your android device. You can then open it from the app drawer
  2. Once it launches, it will be evident that the user interface is quite easy to use.
  3. You will then see on the home screen four tabs.
  4. The section of activities shows the applications and the system apps
  5. Besides, the app icon will be a downward pointing arrow where you can monitor the activities
  6. To check if it works or not, tap on an activity
  7. You can then click ‘create’. This will create on the home screen a shortcut.
  8. The activity for which the shortcut was made will then display there.

Features of Quick Shortcut Maker App

The Quickshortcutmaker APK is basically an FRP bypass tool, that helps you access your phone against the factory reset. You can again log in your phone after entering your previously used Google account and password. It helps in the bypass google account verification. The FRP lock bypass is accessed with the help of this.

  1. It is free to use and you can share it easily among all the fellow android users
  2. Through it, you can easily help the users to make a shortcut of the page which will lead to the page you want
  3. It is easy to set up icons for the shortcuts relating to which the shortcut is made
  4. The app is extremely user-friendly to use.

How Can you bypass the Google verification

  1. You can search on google for the APK by Pangu. You will then find the first link the best link to download it.
  2. After downloading the quick shortcut maker APK, you can just install the app from the place from where you downloaded.
  3. Click on the search box present on the main screen. In it, find the Google Account Manager and then click on “Type an email and password”. You then have to download the Google account manager 7.0.1 or 7.1.2  if your android version is Nougat and version 6.0.1 if your version os Marshmallow. You will have to download it accordingly.
  4. After tapping the ‘try’ button in the “Type an Email and Password”. A window will then pop up asking you for a Gmail account. On this popup, go on the right side above, where there will be a three dot option.
  5. Click on it and click on “login browser”. You can then log in with any Gmail account that you want. It is though recommended that you remember the account with which you have logged in.

Please Note

If there is an Error in the Quickshortcutmaker “Type email and password

If there is an error in the above-written place, you will have to install the correct version of the Google account manager. It is recommended to use the latest version of the software.


Hence, this is how you can bypass the Google FRP using the quick shortcut maker apk.

Download the Quick Shortcut Maker V2.0.0

QuickShortcutMaker APK Download

To download the latest version of the QuickShortcutMaker V2.0.0, click here.

To sum things up, we hope that you found our above-written article useful. We tried our best to make the download of the Quick Short Maker app simple and easy. In case you are a Samsung user, you can check out our next post, which describes the process of How to bypass the FRP in case of Samsung Devices.

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