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What Is Frp Bypass?

FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection. This security feature was released with the Android version 5.0 Lollipop in the middle of 2014 by GOOGLE.

FRP help to protect any of the Android devices from all the other unauthorized access. This can happen in cases where you lose your phone, stolen or else does a factory reset without user’s permission.

Still not able to understand, don’t worry let’s try to understand it with the help of an example If your handset is been stolen and was with the Activation lock enabled. In that case, one can easily access your password or screen lock information using the Google Account.

Some of the famous Smartphones manufacturers has also implemented these new security features. Such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Google Pixel, Huawei (Latest Flagship Devices).

Ensuring user privacy and security Google is becoming serious about it. For the same reason, they released a new feature to called app permission manager with the Android version Marshmallow.

frp bypass tool


Odin Frp Bypass method google account verification. For this process we have one of the finest methods which we can use, it is also known as Downgrade method. Which helps to remove or delete any kind of the FRP locks. Sometimes we also need to downgrade our devices to lower android version. The lowest version which can help you to remove the latest security threads from any of the Android devices. This process also supports its working in android version such as Google Frp BypassLollipop, Marshmallow, Nougat, etc.

Odin Frp bypass can also be described as the Hard way to remove FRP lock form any of the devices, using this process, they are going to us Downgate Security Patch. With the help of the downgrade, you can easily remove the security patches for the holder method to FRP bypass lock. To use this process smoothly user needs to download an Odin, Firmware files, etc. It also requires a USB driver to proceed with this process.


The main things which are required to follow this process Odin Flash tool, Samsung firmware, and USB driver. Download all the files and extract on your desktop. Install the Samsung driver before starting any of them further process.

Odin frp bypass apk is mostly helpful with working along with the Samsung devices such as factory reset Samsung Galaxy S7 unlocked, Samsung J series with using frp bypass apk.

Don’t forget to download the latest version of the firm. Download the downgraded version in your device.

  1. Download it from the play store and keep it on the desktop.
  2. After the compilation of the download, paste the extractor file on your desktop.
  3. Don’t open Odin folder, Just run that folder.
  4. Select all the firmware file into PDA files.
  5. Keep your device on the download mode.
  6. Go to Download Mode, for that press volume down key along with the power button for at least 8-10 seconds.
  7. Now it will show the downloading at your notification bar.
  8. Connect your device with your mobile using a USB cable.
  9. Then find a connected device.
  10. Click on the Start Button to start the flashing process.
  11. Keep your device always ON during this ongoing process.
  12. Once after the completion of the process, your device will automatically restart.
  13. Downgrade version is successfully downloaded to your device.
  14. Now follow the further process to unlock a device.

Using Odin Flash Tool(Version 3.11.1)

This is a little brief about the latest tool of the Odin Frp Bypass Flash tool which is of version (3.11.1). This version is also somehow similar to its original version only but there are some more features added to it. For more information read below.

  1. Simple steps to use this tool are mentioned below.
  2. At the first stage, Download flash.
  3. Extract it on the desktop or other drivers on your computer.
  4. Here you don’t need to follow any of the tutorials or any other process.
  5. Extract that file in a folder.
  6. The pre-installed application user can call it.
  7. Installation in program files is not required.
  8. Right click on your file to run.
  9. Window with the many options will be displayed on the screen after completion of the above step.
  10. Only limited features are can be used. Select PDF file from your file, connect to an android device into download mode.
  11. Connect your mobile with the download mode, for making the process smooth switch of the mobile using VOlume down key and power keys together. Download logo will appear in the notification bar.
  12. frp reset Download screen mode on the android device, now you can connect your device with a USB cable.
  13. If you are not able to connect to your android device then try to install the Samsung USB driver. After the installation of the USB driver connect your device with the help of the USB cable.

Using Odin Flash Tool (V3.11.1)

In Flash tool Odin device software user doesn’t need any kind of expert knowledge. In the first step, you have to select any of the one firmware files and then click on the button to start flashing. Before starting any of the tools please go through tutorials just once. Also, learn about how to prepare a mobile phone to connect.

Install Odin Version V3.11.1. Download an extract file and paste it on the desktop, double-click on the EXE file for the further process. Pop-Up window will open.

Five fields from which you have to choose from are PDF, AP, BL, CSC. From this, you have to choose the CSC file to flash your mobile.


What is FRP lock?
FRP stands for the Factory Reset Protection which helps as security protection
for all the android devices. It is a part of new security which is mainly introduced by Google and by using which one can unlock their device easily.
What is Samsung FRP?
Sumsung FRP is a type of data protection by which any device can be unlocked easily
if password locked or else if stolen only the user of that device can unlock that particular device.
Does Factory Reset Deletes everything?
Yes, factory delete functions deletes all the data from the device. as because once the device is been stolen an unlocked by any other person so he/she can’t get all the information
of the device owners.


We believe that our article helps you little with the understanding of the Odin Frp bypass tool. By reading the above details now one can easily use Odin Frp Flash tool. Odin Frp bypass Flash Tool is a tool which helps you to reset your device. For more details or any other query please write down in the comment section, we will help you out with the solution of your query.

So this was a little brief about Odin Frp Bypass tool. We hope that it was helpful to you.

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