FRP Hijacker | Bypass Google Account Verification

You all know about different FRP (Factory Reset Protection) tools. There are many FRP tools available in the market which are free of cost and also very much easy to use, similarly in this article we are going to give you a little more brief about FRP Hijacker. This tool is one of the most useful tools in a Samsung device.

Brief About FRP Bypass

FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection. This security feature was released with the Android version 5.0 Lollipop in the middle of 2014 by GOOGLE.

FRP help to protect any of the Android devices from all the other unauthorized access. This can happen in cases where you lose your phone, stolen or else does a factory reset without user’s permission.

Still not able to understand, don’t worry let’s try to understand it with the help of an example If your handset is been stolen and was with the Activation lock enabled. In that case, one can easily access your password or screen lock information using the Google Account.

Some of the famous Smartphones manufacturers has also implemented these new security features. Such as Samsung, LG, HTC, Google Pixel, Huawei (Latest Flagship Devices).

Ensuring user privacy and security Google is becoming serious about it. For the same reason, they released a new feature to called app permission manager with the Android version Marshmallow.

frp bypass tool

About FRP Hijacker

FRP is one of the most important features used being getting used in the Android device after the Android version (5.0). It mainly works as security for the device which means it helps to avoid cyber crimes when mobile get lost or else gets stolen. But we can also say that it one of the worst things for the user who forgets his/her account google account verificationcredentials. This is the time in which FRP Hijacker comes into the action. FRP Hijacker tool is developed by Haggard. This tool is only used for the Samsung device exclusively.

To avoid things such as mobile device lost or mobile device stolen in any of the parts of the world. It can also be that some criminals, factory reset their device and others used it for illegal activities. For this all reason FRP was introduced. Whenever you add any Google account verification on your smartphone this all features will automatically enable for that particular device.

Whenever any of the device with the FRP enabled get factory reset, at that time the user needs to enter all credentials of that particular user’s Google account verification added along with that device. The device will not start or can’t be used until the Google Account details get verified. It is so because no unauthorized user can make any misuse of the device to do any kind of crime.

For Samsung user’s, they do not need to remember all the Google account passwords all the time. To make there work easy this FRP Bypass Hijacker tool is used. This tool helps to remove FRP on all supported FRP devices.

Features Of FRP Hijacker

These are some of the common FRP hijacker tools features which make it more useful and also helps to unlock your Samsung devices easily

  • Helps to remove Factory Reset Protection (FRP)
  • Also helps to fix Soft Bricks
  • One can easily Bypass any Google Account using phone dialer
  • Helps to Enable ADB and also removes FRP using ADB

FRP Hijacker For Samsung Device

FRP Hijacker is only used for Samsung devices. In this whenever any of the situations come for factory reset at that time other mobile users need to unlock their reset using the Google Account verification bypass. But for the Samsung device user, their device can be easily unlocked using this FRP Hijacker tools.

FRP Hijacker tool can be used for all the Samsung devices which work on the Android Version (5.0) or above.

Steps To Install FRP Hijacker

To download and install FRP hijacker (v1.0) easily to your computer please follow the below steps.frp bypass apk

  1. Click here.
  2. Download the FRP hijacker framework from the above link.
  3. After the completion of the download extract the downloaded files.
  4. And at last copy it to your main desktop screen.

Methods For FRP Hijacker

To use FRP Hijacker (v1.0) to unlock your Samsung device follow any one of the given methods below:

Method 1 Enable Using USB Debugging for Locked FRP Device

For enabling debugging in FRP locked Samsung device, follow the quick steps mentioned below.

  • Enable WIFI in any of the  Locked Samsung Device. [ Only For Lollipop or any other higher version of Android]
  • Click on the “Talk Back” to enable it on your screen.
  • “Home” key must be pressed 3-4 times.
  • To know more options about “Talk Back”, draw L shape on your screen.
  • For disabling the “Talk Back” user must press Volume Up Roker along with the Volume Down Roker.
  • Select “Help Or Feedback” option one more time.
  • Start the further process by searching >>”Get Started With Voice.”frp hijacker tool
  • Download FRP Bypass Apk from this link.
  • Open that downloaded Frp Bypass apk.
  • Select your device name along with the model number.
  • In the last step click on Remove FRP and your device will be easily unlocked using this tool.

Method 2 Unlock Using FRP Hijacker Tool

In this method, you will get to know about how to unlock your Samsung handset using the FRP Hijacker Tool

  • Click here.
  • Download the FRP hijacker framework from the above link.
  • After the completion of the download extract the downloaded files.
  • And at last copy it to your main desktop screen.
  • Connect the Android device with the help of Micro USB cable.
  • Select the “COMPORT” option.
  • Again select the “ADB operation” tab.
  • Click on “Remove FRP”. [Also Allow the “USB debugging”]
  • It will work only if your device is with Installed ADB driver.
  • Please click on again on “Remove FRP” option. Your device will be automatically detected.
  • After the completion of this process don’t forget to “Factory Reset” your device.

You have successfully bypassed google account verification from your smartphone.


We hope that our article was really helpful to know about as well to understand the working of FRP Hijacker Tool on the Samsung devices. FRP Hijacker tool helps you to unlock your device without using the Google Account Verification bypass. Still confused don’t worry write down your query in the comment section below, we will surely reply you back with a solution.

So this was in a brief about the FRP Hijacker Tool which is used in the Samsung Devices.