Once I have explained in my earlier article that FRP Bypass Apk has made for your safety purpose and when you fail to remember your credentials, FRP BYPASS SOLUTIONS tool is here now to resolve your lock screen issue as a result of FRP Bypass Apk. Nowadays Android Device Security is a primary concern, You can unlock your locked device just doing a hard reset from recovery but you have it’s alternate solution because Google launched the most recent security measure on Android 5.0 and 6.0 Android lollipop and marshmallow called Factory Reset Protection (FRP). FRP Bypass Apk (FRP) keeps your information secure when your device gets locked and protect your device after hard reset so any one can’t use if the device is stolen or locked. But in this article, we will Bypass (FRP) Factory Reset Protection Google Account Verification and reset your device.


I started checking out the setup wizard where I was eventually prompted to enter the credentials for the account which I had used previously. I entered my credentials and was then delivered to another screen asking me to reset my Gmail Password. Therefore, I reluctantly reset the password. I’d just screwed myself because I was not sure about my password. There’s a 72 hour reset time from the moment you changed your Account Password until you’re able to apply it to authenticate throughout the setup process and unless you verify you can’t use the phone.
Without having a backup mobile phone, I took to Google and found which is the best way around this problem involved a USB OTG storage device packed with an Apk which causes the settings app to launch helping you to perform a real factory reset (total wipe of all the credentials information). Resetting the device in this way removes any account associations enabling you to setup the device as if it were new once you have re-flashed it.
Without having the equipment required to do it that way, I figured about this and chose to use a few things out and finally found my solution.


  • A mobile computing device with ADB installed.
  • USB cable.
  • ROM is with Persistent ADB Enabled.
  • Phone booted and also at the Setup Wizard.
    Here I have provided you the proper procedure and the installation steps to Install FRP BYPASS SOLUTIONS, you can also download the FRP Byass Apk to enjoy the Factory Reset Protection on your device.

Procedure To Install FRP Bypass Solutions:

This method will work for both Phone Reset and Factory Reset. First, you remove your Sim cards and memory card from your device. Be sure you’re under a Wifi network.
Step 1: Select your Device Language and Continue.
Step 2: Just enter on Add Another Network but don’t connect to that network.
Step 3: Until you find the ‘Setting icon,’ press a button located between ‘?123.’ & ‘Spacebar.’
Step 4: Swipe Up to select ‘Setting icon’ and select ‘Languages.’
Step 5: Now press the Menu button.
Step 6: Tap Google search option and write down ‘Set’> shortly ‘Settings’ icon will appear you in your device.
Step 7: Then select ‘Settings’ icon and scroll down to ‘Backup & reset’ button > tap to select.
Step 8: Now select ‘Factory Data Reset’ > ‘Reset phone’ > ‘Erase everything’.
Step 9: After that, your phone will start rebooting and erase everything.
Step 10: Don’t panic. Your phone can take just minutes to get restart again.
Step 11: When your phone starts don’t connect to any Wifi networks and complete the initial setups.
Step 12: Now you have successfully bypassed FRP Lock. Open Google Play Store and Login with any ID you like to do.


  • FRP BYPASS SOLUTIONS works with all Android devices such as Moto series, LG, ZTE, HUAWEI, Vodafone, Samsung, Lenovo, HISENSE, XPERIA and lots more.
  • It covers the updated versions, and the team keeps it updated.
  • The team of this tool is always updated and hence focus on the latest versions.
  • FRP BYPASS SOLUTIONS is very much useful for Samsung Galaxy S8.


  • FRP BYPASS SOLUTIONS has tested and verified to work for Android 7.0 and 7.1.


  • But in FRP BYPASS SOLUTIONS there is a problem, you have to purchase this tool to use it’s all features.


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