Bypass Google Account Verification [without help of any tool]

Here I’ll explain to you how to bypass the google account verification which is required due to FRP security in your android smartphone.

What is the Google Account Verification?

Now, assume that you lost your phone. Usually, the person who found it wouldn’t be able to use it because of the password, pattern, etc that you would have put(if any).

Though it would not be a major problem for the person as a simple factory reset would erase your password, pin etc. This was the case until the Android 5.1 version, which is the Lollipop version.

Now, because Google introduced the Google Account Verification, or the Factory Reset Protection(FRP), this is not the case anymore. To factory reset the phone now, the person will have to enter the credentials of the Google account that was used previously to log in the device.

People who usually buy their phones from third party sellers and aren’t able to get in touch with the one who sold them the phone complain about such problems. Users complain about not being able to get through the stage where they are asked for the Google account.

In case you are suffering from the same, you don’t need to worry. We here present to you two methods on how to Bypass the Google Account. On following these, you will be easily able to bypass the FRP.

Disclaimer: These methods are strictly for the legal users, that is people who have legally bought the phones and are unable to access it due to the FRP lock. These methods are not to be used for illegal purposes.

Bypass Google Account Verification By Resetting Your Phone

reset your phone

Here, we will show you how you can bypass Google verification by resetting your phone. Easily bypass the FRP on your phone by following the simple under-written steps:

  1. When you switch your phone on, firstly connect it to a WiFi.
  2. Then tap on the “Email and Phone” bar.
  3. Then when the Google keyboard appears, long press on the @ option which is usually located on the bottom left side of the keyboard.
  4. Click on the “Google Keyboard Settings” in it. You will then be led to a different page. On that, you will see a three-dot menu on the top right-hand side.
  5. Click on it and go to the “Help and Feedback” option in it.
  6. When you are at the new page that displays on your screen, you can select any word that you want. This will lead to the cut, copy, paste etc options being displayed on the top of the screen. On the top right, you will see a web search option. You can click on it and open it via “Google app”.
  7. This will lead you to a page where you will see search results.
  8. Now on the top of that page, you will see a search bar. Click on it and search for “settings” there. Click on the settings icon that comes there.
  9. You will then reach into the settings of your phone. Head to the “Backup and Reset” option in it.
  10. In that, click on the option which says “Erase Everything”.
  11. Your phone will then automatically shut down. When it restarts, again connect it to a WiFi.
  12. You will then be able to access the phone without needing to enter the credentials that were used at the time of the initial sign-in. You will have hence bypassed the FRP lock.


Bypass the Google Account by Switching the User Account

switching user

This is the second method on how you can bypass Google verification by simply switching the User Account through the settings. To do so, you can just follow the under-written simple steps and bypass the Google Account:

  1. When you switch your phone on, connect it first to a good WiFi.
  2. In the box initially, where they ask you for your Email and Phone, long press on the @ option that is usually present on the bottom left side of the keyboard. This will lead you to the settings. Open the “Google Keyboard Settings” in it.
  3. There on the top right side, you will find a three-dot menu. Click on it and go in the “Help and Feedback” option in it. Inside it, click on the “Manage Location settings for Apps” option.
  4. On the screen of the page where this click will lead you, you can simply long press anywhere.
  5. This will lead to the copy, paste etc. items being displayed in front of you. After doing so, there will be a search option on the top right of the screen. Once you click it, you will be led to another page with a search bar on top of it.
  6. Click on the search bar and then search for “settings” in it.
  7. You will then directly reach the settings of your phone. Inside it, you can click on the “users” option.
  8. There you will find two options, namely “My Account” and “Guest Account”. You have to then long press on the “Guest Account”. This will directly switch the current account to the guest account.
  9. Your phone will then automatically restart. You can then skip the process of entering the email and password and directly access the phone. This hence shows that the FRP has been successfully removed.
  10. You can then enter your email and password by going in the settings and clicking on the “Users”. Then you will have to remove the guest account to log in with your account. You hence do not need the details of the account which was used previously as the time of the initial log in.


Hence we hope that you were able to find here, whatever you were looking for. The above-written methods will work for all types of Androids present out there. Through this article, we basically wanted to show you how to Bypass the Factory Reset Protection(FRP) very easily without the help of any tool or app.

In case you want to remove the FRP on your phone through the use of a tool, you can also check out our other article where we have written on how you can Bypass the Google Account using the Quickshortcutmaker APK.