frp bypass apk toolAre you looking for a miracle tool using which you can straight away bypass FRP security from your mobile device?
If, yes then you have landed on the right place. Here we will provide you FRP bypass apk & the guides of different methods and tools to bypass FRP & Google account.

Using the methods & tools which we have discussed on our website, you would easily be able to bypass the FRP lock from the smartphone with high success ratio.

Did you just forget the Google account password which you first entered on your smartphone OR simply you do not want to share your account details to the acquaintance whom you just sold your smartphone?

Finally, here we have a miracle tool which will bypass the FRP security layer in your smartphone and allow you to reset your phone to factory defaults. In this method, you don’t need to enter the password of the Google account which you first used to set up your smartphone device.

What is FRP?

You are visiting this page that means you already know about what FRP is. But still, for the newbie out here, we will explain what basically FRP is, and how it works to protect your device. For those who already know about it may directly move to the FRP Bypass apk section.FRP page on a samsung device

FRP expanded as Factory Reset Protection is a security feature on Android smartphones. This feature is available in the Android version Lollipop(5.1) or higher. It adds an added security to your smartphone and helps you to protect your device from being used if it gets lost or stolen.

FRP is automatically activated when you boot up your device for the first time. Your device gets synced with the google account which you enter for the first time in your smartphone device. Once it is activated, it protects your account data from theft as the device can only be used with the google account with which it has been synced.

Due to the FRP security in your Android device, you may also get an error custom binary blocked by FRP if you try to install custom ROM in your android device.

FRP also restricts the option to format the device to factory defaults by asking for the google account password which was used to set up the device. This added feature in your smartphone devices is helpful in case your smartphone is stolen by someone or lost. But it may create a trouble for you if you forgot the Google account password and wanted to reset the device.

A miracle tool: FRP Bypass Apk

The security feature provided by Samsung and Android for the FRP is good, however, you may get irritated at the same time with this feature if you ever wanted to unlock your smartphone but you were not able to do so because of this extra added layer of protection.

In that case, which is mentioned above, the FRP Bypass apk tool will come into handy. You can use this easy FRP Bypass tool to bypass the security feature of Android, and factory reset the phone easily. So, FRP Bypass apk is here to solve your major issues regarding the FRP lock which you are facing.

The method described here will assist you to get into the settings menu of your smartphone device, and help you to remove the Google account and erase all the data from your smartphone device. Using this tool you would easily be able to bypass google account and use the device as new.

Nowadays many FRP Bypass apk methods are releasing for all android devices including Samsung devices. The method provided by us has a 90% success rate for most of the devices with Android 5.1 or higher.

How does FRP work?

As already discussed, FRP enables an added security to your smartphone device. It disables the option to reset the device to factory default without entering the Google account password.

FRP simply blocks any user to access to the smartphone by disabling the internal settings. This option is only visible if you enter the Google User Id and password.

FRP prevents any unknown person from accessing your smartphone. It also asks for Google User ID and password even if you hard reset your smartphone.

Bypass Factory Reset Protection using FRP Bypass apk

frp bypass apk toolSuppose if you already have the Google account details then you can simply reset your device and remove the Google account. But you will be required to use the FRP Bypass apk method if you want to restore the device, but don’t know the Google account password.

Now I will explain to you how to bypass the Factory Reset Protection using the FRP Bypass apk tool.

Simple procedure

Follow these simple steps to bypass the FRP security on your Android smartphone device:

    • On restarting the phone after resetting, Google account verification FRP page appears which asks for the Google account email address and password which was used to set up the device for the first time. Once this page appears, then click on the empty field of email address, this will open the Keyboard.
    • Once the keyboard is open, long press “⚙️” button on the keyboard until a window appears.
    • You have to tap “Google Keyboard Settings” in the pop-up window which appears after long tapping the ⚙️ button in the previous step.frp bypass procedure
    • Now click on the three dots on the Upper right corner of your screen and select “Help & Feedback” from it.
    • When the “Help & Feedback” page is open, then select any random word to copy the text. Once you select the text you will see a web search icon.
    • Now click on the web search icon, and then type “Settings” in the search field appearing on the screen.
    • Once you enter the “Settings” menu on the phone, go to “Developer Options” and permit “OEM Unlocking”.

enable OEM unlockingallow OEM unlocking

Activate Developer mode

If developer option is not in the settings menu, then it is because you have not activated developer mode on your device. To activate Developer mode simply open “About Phone/Device” from the settings menu. Then tap on “Build Number” multiple times simultaneously until it shows developer mode active.

settings menu "about phone"build number
When Developer Mode is active, you will see “You are now a Developer”, Hurray! message on your screen. Now you can Proceed with the step to unlock OEM from the Developer options.

you are now a developer


  • Now long press the “Power” button to reboot the phone. Once the device reboots, you will see “Add your account” page instead of Google account verification FRP page. So, now you don’t need to enter a previous Google account password to use the phone.add google account setup on your android device

Other Methods

So using this method, you can easily Bypass your FRP security in your device. Apart from this, there are also other methods if you want to Bypass your Google Account using different ways.

Here I have mentioned below the different methods and tools to bypass FRP.

Different Methods of FRP Bypass

how to bypass frp using frp apk

Apart from the FRP Bypass apk, there are also other methods which can be used to bypass the FRP page or the Google account verification method. These tools are also useful if you are getting blocked by FRP lock error.

Here are the top ten methods with the highest success rate. These methods have a high success rate even on new android version including Android Oreo. You can download these FRP bypass tools to remove the FRP lock from your Samsung or other Android devices.

If the methods described above didn’t work for you, then here’s the list of other methods and tools using which you can bypass FRP from your Samsung Device:

  1. Odin FRP bypass method
  2. Quick Shortcut Maker apk method
  3. Realterm serial TCP terminal FRP bypass
  4. SideSync FRP for Samsung & Other devices
  5. D&G password unlocker tool
  6. Pangu FRP Bypass tool
  7. Samsung FRP bypass helper tool
  8. GSM flasher ADB FRP bypass tool
  9. Android lock screen removal FRP Bypass APK
  10. Samsung FRP Bypass APK
  11. FRP Hijacker
  12. Bypass FRP without using any Tool
  13. Remote Android Factory Reset method to Bypass FRP